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  • Spider-Gwen Epic

    "battle and save the day"

  • Paradigm Rare

    "Her allegiance is unknown."

  • Lennox Rose Epic

    "The first to escape The Academy... But not the last."

  • Bytes Epic

    "Few survive the journey into darkness."

  • Goku Epic

    "the king of Dragon Ball Z"

  • Indiana Jones Epic

    "world famous archaeologist adventurer Indiana Jones now!"

  • John Cena Epic

    "Entrance Gear dan Ring Gear - a WWE Championship"

  • Doctor Strange Marvel

    "Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts"

  • The Foundation Legendary

    "Eye brow Raise"

  • Naruto Epic

    "Believe it!"


    "Potassium, served bone-in."

  • Spiderman Marvel Series

    "No Way Home"

  • Shanta Epic

    "Female, Styles"

  • Ronin Legendary

    "A wanderer whose road will lead him to glory."

  • Lt. John Llama Epic

    "Never send an alpaca to do a llama's job"

  • Haven Epic

    "Raised by the Island. Born to defend it."

  • Gumbo Epic

    "Synthetic flavors, authentic attitude."

  • Harlowe Epic

    "Reality is what you make it"

  • Will Smith Icon

    "Detective Bad Boys"

  • J Balvin Icon

    "Reggaeton artist the best-selling Latin music."

  • Mecha Morty Epic

    "The Surge or the finale of Aliens."

  • Ariana Grande Icon

    "Her presence? Sweet. Her aura? Bright"

  • Wonder Woman DC Series

    "Champion of Themyscira Set"

  • Cammy and Guile DC

    "Street Fighter Player"

  • Marvel Gamora Marvel

    "the Guardians Of The Galaxy"

  • Bugha Icon

    "Fortnite World Cup Champion in 2019"

  • LeBronJames Icon

    "The King"

  • Clark Kent DC

    "Mild-mannered reporter"

  • Armored Batman Zero DC

    "When things get tough, get tougher"

  • Wingspan Glider Icon


  • OroLegendary

    "Golden treasure, an eternal obsession"

  • Kymera Legendary

    "He may or may not come in peace"

  • Sunny Epic

    "Get me off of this rock"

  • Guggimon Epic

    "Fashion horror artist"

  • Joey Legendary

    The perfect intergalactic double agent"

  • Doctor SloneEpic


  • Rick Sanchez Epic

    "The Rickest Rick of them all"

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